Ophthalmic Lens Processes

Our Range

Siltint began colour coating glass spectacle lenses in 1972 at a time when plastic lenses were not available. Antireflection coatings followed soon after and Siltint was probably the first UK company to offer AR’s on plastic lenses when they became available. Siltint remains the premier independent coating house in the UK and has expanded its offering of opthalmic lens processes.

  • Safire2 – perhaps the finest broadband AR in the UK. With a soft, cosmetically pleasing green hue it is available on plastic, polycarbonate and glass lenses complete with a two-year guarantee
  • Tinting plastic and polycarbonate lenses, including high-index
  • Special filters – UV 400, blue-light blocker, night driving etc
  • SafireM – ultra-durable sunglass mirror coatings with a one-year guarantee
  • Resin hardcoating on plastic and polycarbonate lenses
  • Edged or uncut lenses processed
  • Standard lens toughening
  • Swift turnaround
  • DX delivery

Plasma assisted deposition

Siltint’s advanced APS gas plasma technology ensures that the coatings are environmentally stable and higher surface damage thresholds can be achieved. Additionally, this technology enables the deposition of coatings onto temperature sensitive substrates such as polycarbonate or high-index plastics.