SafireM – Ultra-Durable Mirror       


people-150x150SafireM has been specially developed to provide high-quality durable mirrors suitable for all the latest ophthalmic lens materials. The process utilises modern hardcoating techniques together with advanced plasma thin-film deposition of the mirror and top coat, resulting in a mirror coating of such outstanding quality that we offer a guarantee.



  • incorporates a super slippery top coat for enhanced stay-clean properties
  • has an optional Safire2 antireflection coating on the rear surface to eliminate annoying back reflections
  • is guaranteed for one year

Available Colours

Full Mirrors Solid Tint* ABS (approx.)                
Gunmetal Grey Grey 80{e79fe254d6ae814c296783dc83abc320def58bb44fbd6704625e15fb6a3f4d80}                
Blue Grey 90{e79fe254d6ae814c296783dc83abc320def58bb44fbd6704625e15fb6a3f4d80}                
Gold Brown 90{e79fe254d6ae814c296783dc83abc320def58bb44fbd6704625e15fb6a3f4d80}               Mirror-Coating-1-150
Silver Grey 90{e79fe254d6ae814c296783dc83abc320def58bb44fbd6704625e15fb6a3f4d80}                
Red Grey 80{e79fe254d6ae814c296783dc83abc320def58bb44fbd6704625e15fb6a3f4d80}                
Graduate Effect Mirrors Graduated Tint*                  
Light Chrome Customer choice 40 – 65{e79fe254d6ae814c296783dc83abc320def58bb44fbd6704625e15fb6a3f4d80}                

* non-standard tints are available In addition, all Full and Graduated Mirrors can have a Safire2 antireflection coating added to the rear surface to minimise reflections. All mirrors have a hydrophobic and oleophobic top coat for easier cleaning and enhanced protection. The top coat chemistry utilised by Siltint is based on accurately controlled vapour deposition. Unlike standard top coats there is no clear interface between the final layer of the coating stack and the top coat materials as the chemicals bond with the final layer of the mirror. This merging

  • ensures that the top coat remains on the lens, cannot be easily removed and provides additional protection against daily wear and tear
  • assists the creation of an outstanding hydrophobic and oleophobic properties, making the lenses easier to clean due to the rejection of water and grease

Plasma assisted deposition Siltint’s advanced APS gas plasma technology ensures that the coatings are environmentally stable and higher surface damage thresholds can be achieved. Additionally, this technology enables the deposition of coatings onto temperature sensitive substrates such as polycarbonate or high-index plastics.

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