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aps-161018-300Siltint Industries provides Thin Film Vacuum Coating processes  for the precision optical and opto-electronic industries

Our customers value the services we provide which include

  • Rapid Design & Development
  • Prototyping
  • Just-in-Time Production

Our facilities offer fast, efficient and affordable products for telecoms wafers, medical devices, optical fibre components, military and security applications, laser protection and fragile substrates.

Office150sqAbout Us
Siltint is a leader in thin film vacuum coating for photonics applications. Established in 1972      ….read more
Siltint provides Total Custom Lens and Coating Solutions for      ….read more
QC-checking150sqThin Film Vacuum Coating
Siltint provides a full range of Thin Film Vacuum Coating services     .read more
Box-on-wheels150sqJust-in-time Production
Siltint understands the time pressures that companies face today and can offer          .read more

Design, development and production services for all your Thin Film Coating requirements

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GaugePilot installed in a Sunbeam Rapier

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