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Custom Designed Coatings Siltint specialises in designing bespoke coatings for your photonics requirements and has ongoing development programmes for improved coatings for high performance systems. All standard processes can be modified to move the design up or down the wavelength scale to meet specific applications. Siltint has extensive experience of applying high performance antireflection coatings to optical fibres, capillaries and silicon wafers. Antireflection coatings can reduce the back reflection from approximately 4 to less than 0.1, equating to a return loss figure of -30dB, allowing greater amplification of the main signal in networks. Siltint’s knowledge of handling specialist substrates, including optical fibres and silicon wafers, minimises the risk of contamination ensuring a high yield. Antireflection designs are specifically tailored to achieve ultra-low reflection over the operational wavelength of the system – some with a residual reflection as low as <0.1 at specific wavelengths. Low reflection is assured over a wide angular range for any designated polarisation state
  • To virtually eliminate reflections back into the laser and minimise the interference of the feedback signal
  • To increase the coupling efficiency of the laser/optical assembly by maximising transmission at the fibre tip interface
  • Plasma coating technology enables Siltint to deposit antireflection coatings onto fibres at low temperature
Plasma assisted deposition Siltint’s advanced APS gas plasma technology ensures that the coatings are environmentally stable and higher surface damage thresholds can be achieved. Additionally, this technology enables the deposition of coatings onto temperature sensitive substrates.

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