Siltint provides a full range of thin film vacuum coating services for customers in the photonics and precision optical industries.

Design & Development : Siltint’s research and development team has the in-house capability to develop the precise thin-film coating processes to meet customer’s individual requirements  ….read more

Production : Siltint has invested in a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art vacuum coating equipment, including Leybold APS904 and APS1104 chambers which enable the deposition of ultra-hard coatings onto glass, plastic and silicon (including fragile substrates and already bonded lenses).    ….read more

APS Plasma Assisted Processes : Siltint’s advanced APS gas plasma technology ensures that the coatings are environmentally stable and that higher surface damage thresholds can be achieved.  Additionally, this technology enables the deposition of coatings onto temperature sensitive substrates such as polycarbonate or very thin plastics  ….read more

Just-in-Time Production : Siltint understands the time pressures that companies face today and can offer a quick turnaround, just-in-time production service to provide the delivery speed needed by many manufacturers  ….read more

Quality Assurance : Siltint is a registered ISO 9001 : 2008.  With fully trained staff using only the best materials and equipment, Siltint is able to produce consistently high quality with just-in-time deliveries of both coated substrates  ….read more


Design, development and production services for all your Thin Film Coating requirements

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