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Siltint is a leader in thin film vacuum coating for photonics applications. Established in 1972, Siltint initially coated spectacle lenses for opticians across the UK and Ireland.In 1990 the company moved into the precision optical market, coating lenses and other substrates for industrial, security and telecoms use. In 2001 Siltint moved into new high-tech architect designed premises providing multiple clean room environments.

Today, Siltint specialises in the design, development and processing of precision optical products by thin film coating customer’s substrates – glass, fibre optics, mid and high-index plastics, silicon, laser protection filters – supplying a wide range of processes in the visible and near infra-red spectra.

Siltint has a continuous policy of investment in replacing and upgrading its equipment and training. In 2011 the process control system on the Leybold 1104 APS vacuum coating system was replaced by the latest Leybold Syrus III LC process controller.

A fast turnaround is a pre-requisite with some telecoms production taking only one business day to process through the laboratory.

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Gerry Biggs      Managing Director

Zenobia Biggs Finance Director

Zenobia Biggs
Finance Director

Paul Hesford Operations Director

Paul Hesford
Operations Director

Jane Antrobus Senior Accountant

Jane Antrobus
Senior Accountant