In-house Design and Development

Siltint’s research and development team has the in-house capability to develop the precise thin film coating or single point diamond turning product to meet customer’s individual requirements.

Thin Film Vacuum Coatings

By specialising  in tailor-made coatings for non-standard applications Siltint continues to develop improved products for high performance systems.  Design and development excellence is core to our ethos.

Coating designs are modelled utilising specialist software, either FilmStar or Essential Macleod, which allows the design and development of each coating to the customer’s individual specification. All Siltint’s coatings are produced by thin film deposition techniques using high vacuum evaporation. These processes involve the precise deposition of individual layers of materials to an accuracy of <1 nm.

To prove the accuracy of the design calculations, test runs are carried out and measured on the spectrophotometer for wavelength achieved and the accuracy of the reflection or transmission produced. The results are checked against the customer’s specification and any changes needed can be made at this stage before production begins.


Design, development and production services for all your Thin Film Coating requirements

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