Coating Production

2003-10-02-10-50-00Siltint has invested in a comprehensive range of vacuum coating equipment, including Leybold APS904 and APS1104 chambers, which enable the deposition of ultra-hard coatings onto glass, plastic and silicon (including fragile substrates and already bonded lenses) via the APS argon gas plasma assisted deposition process. Recent production has included a filter on 130 µm thick plastic.

Key features of APS systems are

  • optically stable coatings with low stress environmental durability
  • low absorption

The APS1104 unit is also equipped with optical monitoring to ensure accurate deposition where complex filters are required. This allows for the production of laser filters with optical densities of >6 and accurate cut-off.

Depending on the type of material, each substrate is either hand cleaned or processed through ultrasonic cleaning and resin hardcoating equipment. The preparation stage is of the utmost importance to ensure a high quality finished product. Fibre optics and silicon wafers are usually provided in a clean, ready-to-coat condition by their manufacturers.

It is also possible to provide dip lacquer hardcoats for organic substrates in order to create a stable base for antireflection or other coatings.


In today’s world speed can be of the essence and Siltint’s staff understand the need to provide this service to its customers and to operate a flexible scheduling system to meet their demands. Given reasonable notice, small quantity orders can usually be returned within a few days.

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